A little republican letter from Spain to Occupy London

 Rubén García Pedraza, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Tricolor en mani 14 de abril

Good afternoon, dear friends,

I was very pleased to be here with you, this summer afternoon, in your Assembly, and today my assembly too, very similar to others Assemblies, like the General Assembly in Puerta del Sol, Madrid, every month, every week, every Sunday after the fifteen of may of the last year.
One day, all of us, witness of theses days of Social Revolution, when we will look back and see all what is happening now, we remember theses days perhaps like the best days of our life, here, living all together, feeling all together, in the streets, in the squares, in the squats centres, after the mass demonstrations, after the riots, smiling, crying, loving each other like brotherhoods, like comrades, like lovers who are experimenting their first kiss, their first time, their first date, the first day of ours life, yes , this is the feeling that sometimes I feel when I think about all what is happening now, from Egypt to New York, all together, because we are the ninety nine percent.

All revolutions have their first beginning in a little choice, the first flame of the revolt, one opportunity to improve our life, to show our true power against the rightist governments, because our power is the power of all the people who support us, in the whole world, the power of the workers, the students, the families, the citizens, when call for the strike, in the fight for a better future, yes of course our future, because we are very concerning about the economical crisis, the climate change, the new energies that can solve a lot of problems, and of course, we are fighting for our natural right to be free and live our life without fear, with the social services that we need, in the true democracy, the assembly with our neighbourhoods and friends, the real community.
For this reason from Spain to United Kingdom and other countries in the world, where not only de crisis is the problem, because we are living at the moment in States controlled by monarchies, we are fighting for the social change, where all kind of social services should be satisfied by the social and direct participation of citizens and workers, in assemblies like that, without losing our liberties and freedoms.
I know that here in United Kingdom when you talk about public schools you are talking about some kinds or educational institutions for middle class or high society, but in Spain public schools are the schools, built by the State, that offer free education for all people, and need the support of the government, and the educational problem now ,
from the beginning of the crisis, is that the public education is getting worse, like the health service, and all kind of social services, because the main parties, the Popular Party and the Socialist Party, destiny more money to pay the debt than to solve the social problems, so they are creating new social problems more and more dramatics, like the increase of unemployment, the main concern now in Spain, that I wish you never suffer.
Because we fight for public education system, public health system, and all kinds of public systems that we need, is the reason why we defend that the public things should be managed by all people together, the social change that we need is the Republic , those Republic wich can satisfy all social needs, a social Republic, the Republic of workers, like our Second Republic from ninety thirty one to ninety thirty six.
In order to get our purpose, to get the new Republic, the third Republic, that we think it should be a Social Republic, ruling by all people, by their assemblies and their organizations, political and workers organizations, different movements and associations try to do it by several strategies, in different ways, one of them the referendum, it´s true that it isn´t the only one, but, at the moment, it´s one of the most important if we want to get the Republic by a peaceful ways, and if not possible, the images on Greece can repeat again in Spain in the near future . At the moment the strikes of miners in the north of Spain are the first true worker´s fight from long time ago, and a lot people start to think that the Indefinite General Strike is necessary.
In the social change that we are living in Spain the referendum for the social Republic could be very important , if our future republic satisfy all social needs, and solve all social problems, beginning for the high rate of unemployment, and warranting all social and public services , in this way a free referendum is one possible solution, a referendum where all people can vote if we want monarchy or social republic, but till now the government forbid all kind of referendums that can produce the social change that we need and can illegitimate the power and economical structures, the capitalism, in fact in our last General Strike, on twenty nine of March, a lot of people were detained by the police, and , in the other hand, the mass media is still collaborating with the capitalism , trying to hide and manipulate any kind of social and worker´s fight, wich are suffering the repression in the streets, as the worse time of the dictatorship.
The anti-referendum policy in the Spanish government about the republic, it isn´t the only one case in our recent history, during decades till now, when a lot of people, even from Spanish leftist parties , have claimed for the referendum of self-determination in the Basque country, the Spanish government, independently if the ruling party was the Popular Party or Socialist Party, has never allowed the self-determination referendum, and more recently , when on two of September of the last year our constitutions was reformed by the Socialist Party, in order to cut the social welfare and do easier the payment of the debt, a lot of people called for the referendum and, the Spanish government, ruled by the Socialist Party, didn´t allow it again .
This winter the blue wave, a citizen organization that fight against the privatization of the water in Madrid, did a referendum, asking people if they wanted that water should be a public resource, and after the referendum the majority voted “yes”, but one more time, the government go on with the privatization policy of all public resource .
Referendums like that have never been recognised by the government, but people go on with their dreams for a better future, and even if the government will not recognise any referendum for the Republic it´s possible that in the near future the people organise referendum like that, were the people can express their feelings.
The future belongs to the people who do the history, we are part of the history, and we have the duty to do all what is in our hands for the social and natural rights.
We have never forgotten the memory of our history because is our best teacher,
Thanks to you to be here.
Rubén García Pedraza.

This speech was delivered in the Workshop “Spain and the monarchy” that was held on 23rd June 2012 at 17:00 at St. Paul´s Cathedral Square, London.

Rubén García Pedraza, Graduated in Science of Education from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2002 , specialty in History of Education , where has done studies about the republican pedagogy until the civil war, also has other interests in philosophy and science, publishing recently a book of statistical methodology , Introducción a la Probabilidad Imposible, ( Introduction to Probability Impossible, probabilidadimposible.blogspot.com ). At this moment he is researching about the recent history of general strikes in Spain in order to do a doctorate.

Rubén García Pedraza, is participating in different groups in 15M movement in Madrid, Política a Largo Plazo ( Policy in Log Term), “Asamblea Antirepresiva” en Madrid ( Antirepressive Assembly in Madrid, Toma La Zarzuela ( “Take the Zarzuela”, where the real family live), and he is participating in the Bloque Unitario ( Unitary Bloc) where are represented 15M groups and alternatives worker´s unions.



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