“Federalism: An Introduction”

Book review: 

“Federalism: An Introduction” – Author: Professor Dr. George Anderson (President of the Forum of Federations in 2005). 

9780195429046_450 (2)

Publishing house:
Oxford University Press 
96 pages | 178x110mm
978-0-19-542904-6 | Paperback | 28 February 2008

Book Description:

Federalism: An Introduction is meant to provide students of political science as well as practitioners and scholars with a concise, jargon-free overview of the various forms of federal government found around the world as well as the basic principles, practices, benefits, and challenges characteristic of the federal form of government. The book defines federalism and examines the constitutional, legal, financial, and philosophical underpinnings of federal systems, incorporating examples not only from well-known and long-established federations such as Canada and the United States but countries that have only recently adopted a federal form of government. The author is well known both in Canada and around the world, both as a scholar and as a public servant.
Table of contents:
1: An Overview of Federalism
2: Choosing Federalism
3: The Constituent Units
4: Dividing Powers – Who Does What and How?
5: Money and Fiscal Powers
6: Political Institutions of the Central Government
7: Intergovernmental Relations and Politics
8: Unity and Diversity
9: Thinking about Federalism
Further Reading
You can read the preface and first pages here:
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