The cost of the monarchy in Spain


The Bourbon family at Marivent Palace, Mallorca, on theirs hollidays in the summer of 2007.

How much costs Spanish Monarchy? Some reflections

In most of the riots protesting for the social cuts, we constantly see republican flags. The feeling of the population shows that constant cuts in social spending, in areas like health, education and others, which generate so much suffering in the population, are not compatible with the uncontrolled spending produced by the royal family. Feelings  which link to our desire for a more mature and more real democracy.

 In fact, these are the two most powerful reasons which citizenship uses as arguments for the end of the monarchy: its high cost, and the democratic deficit which involves this system.

Let’s start with the cost. According to Amadeo Martinez Inglés,, monarchy costs a total of 561 654 350 Euros.  A higher quantity than the official one. This high cost can be legal, but it is absolutely immoral. Because that money comes from the taxes, belongs to taxpayer. All of us pay our taxes, which are increasingly high, indeed. Therefore, it is inadmissible that so much money is intended to the waste of a family, whose only merit is being Borbon, being made inherit by Franco´s dictatorship.

Monarchy officially costs around 8 million Euros per year, but unofficially it costs much more. Besides the official cost, different ministries have to pay some expenses. Defense pays for security, Foreign pays some travels, and the same happens with other charges. All these evidences are the ones that create outrage within population, which demands changes. On one hand these people ask for royal family being included in the so-called “transparency law”. On the other hand they ask for a democratic process carrying a Republican state.

Due to the current wave of cuts that citizens are suffering, support a family which only spends money, is disgraceful, immoral and unacceptable. How can the chief of state spend money, and at the same time realize the suffering of the population? It is lawful? In my view, like that of the thousands of Republican voices, the answer is a resounding no.

The second reason that we have put forward for the end of the monarchy is the democratic deficit inherent to this state model. It is true that republican system is not always the same as democracy (examples like Nazism, the Latin American dictatorships in the 70s, or Stalinism, give us proof of this). But monarchy always means inequality. And the monarchy is a problem to consolidate a modern and democratic state, even within the so- called “parliamentary monarchy”. Moreover, in Spain, where the current chief of state, the king, was designed by a dictator, Franco, and he has lived in the shadow of a metanarrative of transition which named him as a democratic person. But this metanarrative is not valid for the new Spanish generation, which asks for answers, breaking the agreement made during the transition. There is a generation gap.

Now we just need this population republican feeling expressed in demands for betterment of society, being expressed as a political proposal. A proposal for a  republican state.

Sara Orellán




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