“I was not invited to the royal wedding, but I paid out of my pocket”


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“Down with the monarchy! Less real weddings and more social spending!”

To amuse the royals citizens will be cutback. 

The large bill for the royal wedding ten years later

Ten years ago, the current Princes of Asturias were wed. The tabloids are doing business telling cheap anecdotes, highlighting the love between the bride and groom, the funny jokes and all those “unforgettable moments” that normally like the people who love tabloids . But additionally also emerge other data, such as economic. How much was the wedding of the year 2004? What did it mean for many people that event? Why when some have fun, others have to suffer?

.Officially there are no accurate data on how much the wedding cost, although at the time the socialist government said the cost was “proportionate and perfectly acceptable. Proportionate and acceptable? For who? Is it acceptable for republican people, for people who lose their benefits or who have cut the subsidy for a particular activity for lack of funds? Obviously it is acceptable to monarchists, or for those establishment parties – shameful PSOE´s behavior, or at least one of his sectors- which underpin the monarchy hoping that the agreement will help the establishment remain. But let´s pay attention to some numbers.

.Of official 20 million Euros, some sources suggest that this amount would double. Only security cost around seven million Euros; the decoration of Almudena Cathedral cost around one million; more or less half a million was spent makeup and hair; and other minor expenses such as the rental of dishes, make the bill exorbitant. As such appears in press, http://www.diariodeleon.es/noticias/sociedad/coste-total-boda-principe-asciende-40-millones-euros_139095.html. Of course, no one knows exactly how much Royal Family paid, and beyond some unspecific data, we could think that they didn´t pay anything.

.All this leads us to reflect on what Monarchy is and why we have to pay. The wedding was just an act to prop up an institution. At that time the Spanish Monarchy was in a sweet moment, but soon the annus horribilis were coming. Was this wedding and the following splurge necessary? I don´t think so. In a country where the number of Republicans is increasing it is not understandable to waste so much money from the public budget- that means, paid by all of us- in a private and personal event, as it is a wedding. As Felix Taberna, IU, said “a wedding has to have a private character, and this (referring to the royal wedding) is taking a folk character, if not grotesque “.

As much as has said that it is a marriage of state, because the groom is the heir to the throne- one thing to be the heir and another thing is to reign … – I do not understand the desire of some political parties for support acts that shore up the monarchy. Of course there were some exceptions as is the case of Izquierda Unida or the Basque Nationalist Party, among others, who did not attend the event. Cándido Méndez, the head of the UGT union can ´t say that he didn´t attended, because he shared place and maybe table with country´s main capitalists. Another nonsense.


Less “Real Weddings” and more social spending!

However, not all were fervent supporters during the wedding. Indeed, some social movements staged many protests. This is the case of People’s Movement Against the Royal Wedding, whose slogan is “less royal weddings and more social spending.” So it was not all popular fervor for the monarchy, as press and some institutions wanted to show and to “sell” to society. Many people showed their anger and outrage when realizing that for the princes and other royals have fun, others have to suffer. Is that righteous?

.Obviously not, and an institution that is based on that idea does not deserve the respect of any democratic society.
Moreover, it also causes indignation and anger the opacity of the Royal House and the princes themselves on anything related to the event. In fact, the foreign press has more data than the Spanish one, as was the case with the BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/spanish/misc/newsid_3737000/3737115.stm . We know that Royal family doesn´t like interviews – thus providing silent on issues such as the case Noos – but given the waste that the event caused, and it continues to cause their lifestyle, they could occasionally explain something to the public, that is, they should explain more things to the society. Because Spanish people are not their vassals, but citizens who should have the right to decide if they want to pay more to the Borbones or not.

In short, on this tenth anniversary of the royal wedding, there are still many opaque and unclear issues. The waste of money that supposed the event is one of them. A fun splurge for a few who meant the suffering of others who saw there was no money for their issues. A real shame for a modern democracy.

Sara Orellán





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