With the succession on the heels…

Felipe Borbón and Juan Carlos I Borbón

 “The monarchy serves only to serve itself.Francisco Umbral

What does the Monarchy “really” mean in Spain today? Little more than ornament, splendor and swagger of its members… or explain it to me, please!

After the embarrassing news that have surrounded the Spanish royal family in the recent months, it would not be surprising that now a possible abdication of Juan Carlos I by his son Philip is being considered, that is, a facelift. Because nobody is going to let such a dynasty – substantial family business, with more than 300 years under his belt and an invaluable heritage – disappear only because of a gossip.

And they have already completed the image of an united, happy and exemplary family; also the image that they have an essential role as mediators in international relations. During the past year, events have amply refuted both arguments, it is possible to realise it just by taking a look at the press of recent months…

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